Our Services

MobileTestLab offers end-to-end mobile testing services which ensure that the desired business critical performance, user experience and planned business value are delivered by the appropriate mobile solution.

Functional Testing

Team of 49 specializes in testing on existing mobile handsets and prototypes. Deep domain expertize allows us to identify risk properly.

Compatibility Testing

Check whether your mobile application is capable of running on different hardware, version of operating systems, network environments or mobile devices

Usability Testing

Many people think that it takes special skill and fancy equipment to run a user-testing session on mobile, setting up a usability study with mobile devices is a breeze. You need to take care of a few extra details: equipment, the right testing room, and the right users

Performance and Security Testing

It's no longer optional; it's now mandatory for businesses to ensure the performance of applications in their mobile environments. Load testing with the right solution ensures that your SLAs are met even when huge volumes of users are accessing your servers at the same time.

Pricing Tables

Hourly Per Person


per hour per person

  • 2 Hours Minimum
  • 1 Week Validity
  • Endless Happiness
Weekly Per Person


per week per person

  • 6 Days Week 7 Hours Per Day
  • 3 Month Validity
  • Endless Happiness
Monthly Per Person


per month per person

  • 6 Days Week 7 Hours Per Day
  • 6 Months Validity
  • Endless Happiness
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